Q.How long after I Place my order will I receive my wig?

A. Custom made wigs take approximately 21 days. Processing time is at least 7-21 days and shipping is 2- 5 days Due to Covid 19. 360 & full lace wigs ship out within 10 days The Shipping process is extremely slow, so please order ahead. All units are being made in the order received to exact measurements that fit your requirements , please place order at least 3-4 weeks before date needed to give enough additional time for processing & shipping 

Q. How long after I place my order will I receive my bundles?

A. If you place an order for bundle deal only, estimated delivery is atleast 7 days. Most times your package may arrive sooner. However , bare in mind that sometimes circumstances beyond our control such as the weather can cause delay. So please place order at least a week to 1.5 weeks in advance.

Q. How many bundles do you recommend for a wig?

A. 10-12 inches, 2 bundles and closure/frontal (Bobs). 14- 22 inches, 3 bundles and closure/frontal. 24 inches or longer 4 bundles and closure/frontal.

Q. Can I send you my own hair to make a wig?

A. No, we no longer accept client hair to make units. All bundles are provided by us for any custom made wig.

Q. What type of hair is used to make the wigs?

A. We use 100% Raw or Virgin hair depending on what type of hair you choose when placing your order.

Q. What textures do you have available in the virgin hair?

A. Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Beach Wave, Xotic Wave, Coconut Curl, Creole Curl, Caribbean Curl, Kinky Curl, Lucian Deep & Kinky Straight

Q. Are your Bundles human hair?

A. Yes we offer 100% unprocessed virgin hair that lasts 1 to 2+ years with proper care. We have many different textures and patterns to choose from and we have closures and frontals available for purchase.

Q. What currency are prices in?

A. All prices are in USD.

Q. Why do all the bundles from the raw hair look different?

A. Each bundle is sourced from one single donor, no 2 donors are the same, which means no 2 bundles will be the same. one bundle may be sightly lighter in color while the other may be darker with a deeper curl than the lighter one.

Q. How are your wigs made?

A. Most of our units are machine sewn which guarantees durability and clean neat stitching. We also Hand sew certain units depending on the style or client preference.

Q. Why do you need measurements to make a wig?

A. Everyone has a unique head shape. The average head size is 22/23 inches in circumference which fits our “one size fits most” wig caps. However some people have tiny heads which measure to about 20/21 inches in circumference, and some people have larger than normal heads (which is extremely rare), that measures 24 inches in circumference. That means our average size caps will not fit. Therefore we have adjust the cap size to make it fit each clients head correctly. Hence the reason sizing is very essential.

Q. What is a closure wig?

A. A closure unit is a wig made with 2-4 bundles (depending on client preference) and a 4x4 lace closure. The lace closure wigs are not very versatile because the parting space is limited, however its easier to maintain and install than a frontal unit. It allows the client to “pop on and go”, unlike frontal wigs which requires the client to use some form of adhesive to stick the unit down.


  • Beginner Friendly

  • Easy to install on your own

  • Low maintenance

  • More affordable than frontals


  • Little versatility

Q. What is a frontal wig?

A. A frontal wig is a unit made with 2-4 bundles and an ear to ear 13x4 frontal or 360 lace frontal. The frontal wigs are more versatile than closure units because they have more available parting space, which allows the client to style as if it were their real hair. The frontal wigs however require more maintenance and is more difficult to install, as it requires the client to use some form of adhesive to stick the frontal down .


  • Versatile, parting space from ear to ear.

  • Protective style

  • Natural looking when installed correctly


  • Very High maintenance

  • Requires touch ups throughout install

  • Expensive

  • For advance wig wearers, not beginners

  • Can destroy edges if not installed and taken down professionally/properly

  • Lace gets thin and balds over time

Q. What glue should i use to stick my frontal down?

A. Bold Hold for a longer lasting hold. Got 2b Glued or Got 2b Glue freeze spray for a more temporary hold.

Q. Do your wigs come with clips/combs?

A. All of our units come with an elastic band installed inside, wig combs can be added upon request for additional fee for added security.

Q. Will my wig come customized?

A. All units come customized, Both Frontals & closures come with the knots bleached/ pre-plucked for a more natural looking hairline and install.

Q. How can I place a wig order?

A. We offer 2 types of units. Ready made units such as 'NOEL’ which is a curly 10 inch bob with a closure are duplicated and resold. Anytime an order is made for Noel the exact unit is sent out which means Noel will always be in stock. However Custom made or DIY units are units that are made specifically made for YOU. You basically build your own wig from scratch by choosing the type of hair, the texture, the lengths., the style, the color and so on. You also have the option of choosing a “Bundle + Wig Deal”

Q. What are the “Bundle + Wig” Deals?

A. Our Bundle + Wig deal is exact what the name implies. You choose the bundle deal of your choice, the texture preference and get a wig made with these bundles. For example an 18/20/20 + 16 inch frontal Creole Curl bundle deal will give you a 20 inch creole curl frontal wig. Likewise a 22/24/26 + 20 inch straight closure bundle deal will give you a 26 inch closure wig.

Q. What is the Satin Hair Tie used for?

A. This is the secret to a laid frontal! Apart from your wig being properly constructed and your frontal being customized. Our satin hair ties help the lace melt into your skin. Use it to tie down your frontal after applying your adhesive. It can also be used to tie down your natural edges after laying down your baby hairs to help them stay in place. Great for kids

Q. How many bundles do i need for a custom ponytail?

A. 1 bundle on average for 10 - 16 inches. This will give you a more natural looking ponytail. If you want something fuller i recommend 2 bundles. If you want a ponytail using lengths longer than 20, 2 bundles.

Q. How do i order a custom ponytail?

A. Click on the ponytail option, choose the texture and type of hair and lengths you want, eg. Mongolian Curly 14 inches. Please be sure to choose the color you want. For natural color (the natural color the bundles come in) price remains the same, there will be an additional fee for colors such as jet black, honey blonde or red.

Q. What product would you recommend to use in the hair?

A. Treat the hair as if it were your own. Use your favorite conditioner and shampoo. A personal favorite is Cream of nature. Silicon Mix Bambu is also recommended to deep condition at least once every couple weeks. For curly hair, mix 2 table spoons conditioner with water in a spray bottle, spray the hair until saturated and brush using a paddle brush and let air dry. For any other hair type use ARGAN oil only, avoid using heavy products such as hair spray, grease or moisturizer.

Q. What is your Return policy?

A. No refunds or Returns, for sanitary purposes.

Q. What is the difference between a 360 Lace wig and a Full Lace Wig?

A. A 360 lace wig is a pre-made wig that has lace all around and tracks sewn in the middle. You will be able to wear this wig in an up-do or ponytail. Freestyle parting anywhere in the front which is perfect for half up half down styles etc. Full Lace Wigs however, are way more versatile than 360 wigs because the entire unit is made out of lace. This allows you to part your wig anywhere! Literally ANYWHERE, you can do braids/cornrows and style as if it were your own hair. All lace wigs come with wig combs and adjustable straps in the back, they also come fully customized and ready to wear.

Q. What is the density of the lace wigs?

A. Our lace wigs are 150% density which basically describes the thickness. 150 density is pretty full.

Q. What Textures do you have available in the lace wigs?

A . Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Deep, Curly, Kinky Straight.