About Us


Belle Cheveux By Chloé was founded in 2012 by a Caribbean hair and beauty Guru. Born on the island of St Lucia, where creole (broken French) is the second language. She kept the business name within the culture. Belle which means ‘Beautiful’ & Cheveux meaning ‘Hair’ in French stands for Beautiful Hair By Chloé.  Self taught, and passionate about everything beauty related. The self proclaimed wigologist first started off doing weave installations and eventually branched out and created her own line of custom made wigs using virgin hair bundles from her hair collection. She also has a variety of branded hair/beauty products, accessories and merchandise.

Our ultimate goal is to make every client feel even more beautiful than they already are. By providing flawless, natural looking wigs that will enhance beauty and boost confidence. Being individually unique to each clients needs, style and preference. With every wig comes a different personality. You’re able to switch up your look with ease to match your mood or the occasion. Whether you wanna be a feisty red head today or a bombshell blonde tomorrow. We got you!